About Jori + June


My love is my family, fashion, empowering women, running, traveling and live music. I am a Midwest girl through and through, born and raised in Minnesota. I attended the University of MN for my undergrad majoring in business administration. My corporate career started at the Best Buy Headquarters where I held multiple roles within Supply Chain Management - both in the US and International (living in Shanghai, Istanbul, and Mexico City).

  After completing my MBA while overseas, I returned to Best Buy (USA) to  focus on my Marketing career. After a move to Florida for my husband's job I was able to stay home with my (at the time) newborn and 2-year-old sons (Side Note: Major street cred to all the SAHMs!!). Although I loved being home with them, I always wanted to put my education and passion for Marketing to use, so I started my own Marketing consulting company.

  Fast forward a few years, we were on the move again for my husband's job - but this time to beautiful Geneva. I instantly fell in love with 3rd street and the town of Geneva. I opened that store with my business partner Juliet whom was Co-founder. Fast Fast forward 2 years - we had another unexpected move (and new baby!!) We moved back to Stillwater, MN closer to my family. Again fell in love with the town and a space. Along with Juliet we launched another store. 


I have always had a dream to open my own store where I could put my work experience and passion to use. I love finding unique items both locally and from the many countries I visited - all in which have meanings and stories behind them. Most importantly I want to find ways to make other women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin and when able help fuel their passions as well. Love and Light - MP