Just Jump.....

People always say... "I would never be able to do what you do". Raising now three kids, starting a business (a retail business for that matter) and somehow managing life. In a way I know some mean well. Basically a little cheer, like "Wow you are amazing"... and some (I think) are like "Wow you are absolutely NUTS".... Most days I have to agree with the latter of the thoughts. 

That being said, Juliet and I have always laughed at how this all came about. We met one year trick or treating with our kiddos. At the time I had my two boys. Her, little Lilly with Nik growing in her belly. We talked for two-seconds and went about our business. I later asked her to coffee and was like "I think I want to do this store thing.... You wanna join?" I didn't know much about her. But I found myself saying, "Just Jump". And that is what I did. Well, WE did since that day. 


My Boys Trick Or Treating

My little buddies Trick Or Treating in 2016

We opened our Geneva location within a few months. She started getting more and more preggers. But rocked it. We cried A LOT. We wanted to quit. A LOT. But what we found was that on days that I wanted to throw in the towel. She was there to talk me off the ledge and encourage me. And days she was almost ready to walk away. I was there. It was a natural partnership that continues to bloom. 


Year One

I felt compelled to share a little more about us as we continue to move down the path of opening another location. We just visited the next location together and we kinda/sorta had mini panic attacks. Like, "Are we really going to do this AGAIN!?" "Are we capable of pulling this off again?" Part of the panic comes from each of us adding another child to our little families - and part of it comes from the hard work and the fear of the unknown. 

What we do know is that we love what we do. We love to see each other grow. We love to challenge and support each other. We love the idea of providing a spot for other women to come and feel loved on. To feel comfortable. To feel welcome. And to share their stories with us. We love our staff and we love our families that support us.

Each and every item, event, strategy, or brand stems from a conversation we had or ideas that we shared. The brands we have selected for the store are well thought through - Sometimes hours, weeks and months go into the things we bring in. For most of our brands we feel honored that they selected us to carry and represent them. Most importantly, if we EVER have the opportunity to support local, to support small or to help other women entrepreneurs grow their business - that is where we get most joy. In general we stay true to our selves, stay real and do not pretend to be anything different. We like to go against the grain here at Jori & June. 


In closing.

We appreciate each and every one of you that stumbles into our little store. We wouldn't be where we are today if we didn't have you. We hope that you love what is on the horizon as much as we do. And sometimes... you have to count to 4, close your eyes and JUST JUMP!


Love and Light, 



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