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Ok, Thanksgiving is over - finally on to Christmas. I personally have not decorated yet, but I do secretely listen to Christmas music long before Thanksgiving. Some of you may be back in bed after a long "Black" Friday shopping spree or some of you may be sipping on coffee searching the net for the deals. Either way gifting is on our minds. 

I am sure many of you are like me - Busy life. Work, Kids, House, Family, Social life, Schools, Community... yadayadayada. (The list seems to be never ending)

Time is very valuable and we really don't have it when it comes to grabbing gifts for friends or family. That is why Juliet and I have had countless conversations on what we can do to bring not only unique gifts at great price points, but super cool ones that take no effort on your part. Our gift options are ones that they will not only like - but will use "I garauntee it" - said in my best Men's wearhouse voice.

So to kick it off.... here are some of our favorite things!!!

Candles: Piece by Paz

We have brought in a new candle brand that is know for her Eco Friendly creations. Piece By Paz has successfully crafted the only candle line that is on a 360° mission: Containers made from recycled champagne bottles filled with natural ingredients and sustainable packaging where you plant thier dust covers and grow wildflowers, giving back to the Earth! We love her witty title names - and we even created our custom scent called "Love and Light" by Jori & June. Retails at only $30. 

Custom Candle


Hats, Mittens, and Scarves oh my.

We have sprinkled a few different styles of your favorite Hats this season. The Chenille Pom Pom hat has been very popular with such a cute fit - retailing at only $22. We also brought in a Men's waffle thermal hat retailing at only $10!!! Who doesn't need a good scarf for a little extra accessory for these cold months? Scarves are starting at $18 and we have plenty to choose from! Lastly, the Faux Fur Mittens are to die for (and Comfy as heck) ... These retail at only $25. Here's a quick glimpse : 


Chenille Hats

Men's Waffle Hats

Faux Fur Mittens

Plaid ScarvesLight weight Scarves


Friendship Bracelets: "Fortunate for You" 

Welcome back to your grade school days. When you would show your friends that you really love them by making a matching bracelet - this was serious stuff! Feed your nostalga by grabbing a friendship bracelet inside a felt fortune cookie titled "Fortunate for You" The custom and unique packaging is worth it alone. These are put together with love and only cost $8. 


Fortunate for you

Men's Leather Wallets: 

We found a crazy cool brand out of the UK Called A-Slim. Thier goal is to produce the most delightfully crafted leather goods incorporating the latest technologies and techniques to offer a range unrivalled in its possible uses. They are true to thier name by providing slim options with high functioning capabilities. We brought in two colors - Raw Tan and Mahogony. Best part - real leather wallets retail at only $38


Raw Tan Leather WalletMahogony Wallet


Jori & June Bangle Bar - With a free coin purse.

We are obsessed with our new bangle bar and know you will be too. When you walk in the store to the right you will see a beautiul display of bangles - grouped in threes with three different price points. $8, $10 and $15 - buy one set or buy more, it depends on the budget you have in mind. With your bangle purchase you receieve a FREE purse (your choice to put them in there as a gift or not - wink, wink.) In all seriousness grabbing these cute bangles and placing them in the aztec themed purse make it an awesome presentation - with little to no effort on your part :) We put these out on Friday and they are flying off the shelves. 


Bangle Bar

Free Coin Purse with Purchase


Jewelry - Locally curated 

Jewelry is always a good idea and we have plenty to choose from. Locally created Gemelli Inspired make an amazing gift with thier boho inspired brand. We also love the brand Gypset for her amazing Druzy cuffs. Lastly, who can resist the ever popular "Mama Bear" and "Mama Bird" necklaces - as well as her True North and Circle of Hope (all are coated in 24K gold and silver - so no tarnishing there!) We are always rotating the styles within brands - and they have the best price points for such great quality. 

GemelliRebekha Gough

Gypset Cuffs

Morse Code Bracelets: A Sentimental Gift that Gives Back

These are such an easy gift - and one that gives back. Adorn512 is handmade and created in Chicago. Dana (whom was a labor and delivery nurse for 15 years) decided to venture out into a more creative outlet by designing her own jewelry. We fell in love with the idea of a morse code bracelet, spelling the words out in code with the beads. In addition with each sale of the bracelets -  20% go back to Charity. They also come beautifully packaged with a custom message. Choose the perfect message for your loved one with one of these bracelets - Retailing at only $30


Morse Code Bracelet


 Morse Code Bracelet


So in short - these are just the highlights of many of the gift options here at Jori & June. This doesn't even touch on our clothing, bags, and custom mug options! We have brought in some comfy sweater options at great price points as well. Lastly, if you haven't noticed - Packaging is a common theme in all of these. Each gift you purchase will come with custom gift wrapping and an option to choose the perfect message

Gift Wrapping


 Happy Shopping!!! 

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