Evolution {and D-evolution} of our brands. Why it's important.

Fast forward to almost 2 years. 

 I giggle at some of our decisions (and to be more frank - some of our very stupid decisions). Some good, some bad. Some that made big impacts, and some small. Whatever it was - it was all a learning process.

  • It was part of us growing.
  • It was part of us falling on our face and getting back up.
  • It was our reality. 


    One of the biggest changes I notice are the evolution of brands. When I started doing this I didn't realize the importance of establishing a good brand for ourselves first; in order to form relationships with strong brands in the future. What I mean by that is not all brands will go into any store. We learned that the hard way. Believe me, we had our list of favorites - and we got turned down on some. 

    Most of the "cult" brands that have an incredible following and equally amazing work are already well established. They do not sell to online only Boutiques and require you to have a physical store. Not only that, they want one that fits their vibe, their look and their standards. After all - you represent them. As annoyed as I was in the beginning with this, I respect it immensely. We work hard to pick out and research some of the best brands out there. Our goal is to bring those brands to our customers (to you).

    Our products are carefully curated and there is tremendous thought that goes into the brands we have in our store. I get all kinds of happy when brands open up distribution to us. They start seeking us, just as much as we are seeking them.

    This brings me to my point. When shopping with us you may see some of the brands we had in the past no longer with us. That doesn't mean they are not good brands, it just means we have evolved or found others that fit our taste OR our customer’s tastes.

    To be honest, brands pop up all the time and it even gets tough for us to navigate through them all! However, that is why we are here.

    • To select them for you.
    • To bring them to you.
    • To find items that will be unique but have a fit you can wear often.

    A product image you see online is not going to fit you the same way it does on the model in the picture. Each brand has a different fit, cut and fabric. A small in one brand can be equal to a medium in another - it can be crazy to try and do the guessing game. You get it. You live it.

    In closing... We LOVE our brands and brands are a BIG deal. You see a place with a reputable brand - you know they worked hard and had to prove themselves to get it!  We have ones that will most likely be with us forever and we also have very small local brands that we believe in and can't wait to watch them grow.  

    That being said, I just have to reveal one brand in particular that will be joining us next season. It's called Spell (Byron Bay). We have been crushing on them for some time now and were approached to carry- needless to say we jumped! 

     Spell & The Gypsy Collective

    Margot Robbie in SpellSpell

    "Spell’s flowing, feminine dresses, love of turquoise, florals and age-old-lace, whisper to the sisters’ own childhood. Spell taps into that sense of nostalgia, beauty and freedom that so compliments the female spirit. The vibrant, expressive part of you that emerges on vacation, or mid-strut at a festival, Spell brings that spirit to life, wherever you are."


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